Delete a paired device from kenwood kdc-bt555u car sterio

I had been struggling to find any documentation on how to fix an error on my kenwood Bluetooth car stereo.  Every time I tried to pair my phone the stereo screen would just flash “device full”.  The solution to this is to delete the current stored devices from the stereo.  Apparently you can only have 5 devices connected at a time, and if you ever “re-pair” your phone it stores as another device so I guess I had used up all 5 devices.


It was rather hard to figure out how to delete a device, since there were not any great or easy to understand instructions I wrote down the steps below. If you have been banging your head on your stearing wheel trying to get your phone to pair with your radio you are in luck, follow the 6 steps below and you will be enjoying pandora in no time.

1.)    Hit the phone icon button on the radio (its right to the left of the volumn knob and it has a picture of a phone icon on it)

2.)    Scroll the volumn knob till “settings” shows on the screen, then push the volume knob in to select device settings

3.)    Scroll the volumn knob to find “paring” then once “paring” is showing on the screen push the volume knob in again to select it

4.)    Scroll till you find “DVC Delete” then push the volume knob in to enter the DVC device list

5.)    Find the device to delete, push volume knob, then scroll to yes and push in knob in to confim deletion.

6.)    Repeate until unit is free of devices


Thats the steps it took to remove a device from my model radio which is a kdc-bt555u.  Hopefully that helped you fix an annoying problem.

29 thoughts on “Delete a paired device from kenwood kdc-bt555u car sterio

  1. Kevin

    Thank you very much for your info on deleting stored devices via BT. It was so angering when I had to drive home after work, listenning to the same CD because my iPhone was not recognized after OS update, and I kept getting “device full”, during the pairing process. (Knowledge is Power, and Sharing is Blessed). Thanks again.

    1. Samuel Post author

      No Problem Kevin, I ran into the same type of situation and being forced to listen to a CD was driving me crazy!

    2. Linda Davis

      Thank you Samuel…I was forced to listen to a lot of preprogrammed radio stations. Your instructions were perfect thank you for sharing. I did read the manuel that I downloaded, because system was in a used car I purchased.
      Will you be so kind to tell me how to get my Pandora to work?

  2. Kristina Swayngim

    Thank you so much!! Had an iPhone 6 Plus crash on me, had to go get another iPhone and could not connect though something was the matter with the new phone even drove to the Apple Store, Thank You!!!!!!!

  3. Sally

    Thank you for your help Samuel. It still won’t work, though. As I scroll onto DVC Delete and push the volume knob to enter the DVC device list, no device list appears. However, I can still push the volume knob, but only select no, yes won’t work, nothing happens. Have you come across a similar problem?

    1. Samuel Post author

      Hi Sally-

      Unfortunately I haven’t come across that problem. But from the sounds of that, it would appear your phone has never made a successful connection to your stereo. Try the following:

      -Turn bluetooth on your phone completely off
      -Power down the kenwood sterio (fully unplug it from the vehicle and wait about 30 seconds to 1 minute before plugging it back in)
      -Turn the kenwood sterio back on
      -Turn your phones bluetooth back on
      -Search for the kenwood sterio and hit pair

      If it successfully tries to pair it will prompt you to push the volumn knob in. You must push the volumn knob in withing 20 seconds or else the phone will fail to pair to the Stereo.

  4. Ion

    hi guys,I`ve a problem with my kdc-bt 555u,I had before iphone 5s,every call was awesome,automatically was catching by stereo,for now I got an iphone SE,so every time loose connection,ringing and when I’m trying to pick up the call it doesn’t work,during the call it goes a bit through the stereo,then loosing and after back… I don’t know what to do,when I’m listing music online works perfectly,only issues with the calls

  5. Dasie

    Thank you so much! It had been really annoying since the devises paired on mine was my old phone and my ex boyfriends phone four times. Now I can finally enjoy my music again!

  6. Charles W Hicks

    Many many thanks to the O.P. I haven’t been able to hook up my new stupid “smart” phone. Thanks so much for posting this

  7. Stuart Anderson

    anyone any ideas on doing this exaxt thing on kenwood kdc bt50u? once i click device delete nothing comes up at all?? except for this )

  8. Stephanie Buzzella

    Pressing the phone button does not give me any settings. All I see is Bluetooth test mode repeatedly flashing.

    I cannot scroll through menus 🙁

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